2013 Peanut Butter

Completed 4 October 2013

While doing nothing in particular, I decided to make another peanut butter stirring machine because I'd traded the last one for a Model T Ford ignition coil to put on the Model T Ford Coil Tester.

The 2013 Peanut Butter Machine.
This is made from an old Seagate ST225 20 Meg MFM hard drive that was just sitting around waiting patiently to be put back to work.  I think that other HDDs could possibly be made to work using this circuit but I haven't tried any other types.

The machine is used to slowly rotate the jar of natural peanut butter to mix the oil back in after it's been sitting around for a while.  The first two machines I made ran very slowly, turning on the order of one revolution every 30 seconds or so.  This one runs much faster doing about three or four revolutions per minute. Surprisingly, it does a nice job even though I didn't think it would mix the peanut butter unless it was going slow enough for the whole glob to move from end to end.

At the new speed, the peanut butter doesn't move much with each revolution but does mix well.  It takes about 12 to 24 hours to do a jar.

In the photo, you can see that the jar is held in place in the 0.100" thick sheet steel bracket by being sprung into the holding tabs.  With a little practice, the jars can be insert and removed with very little hassle.

Here's a movie:
Fiddling with the spindle motor coils, I came up with a simple circuit that would adequately drive the motor although it does have to be given a push in order to start.  The schematic is below in case you have one of these old drives sitting around and want to waste some time playing with it.

Schematic of the motor driver.
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