In Response To A Numerous Request,

Here Is My

Kidproof Mailbox

When we moved to our home in the country in 1972, I got tired of replacing our "boughten" mailbox.  It was vandalized several times and I finally got fed-up.

The post is a crankshaft from a D-9 Catepillar bulldozer.  The box is made of 3/8" steel plate, welded together.  The door is also 3/8".  The hinge pin is a piece of 1/2" shafting going through three 1/4" thick by 1" long butts.

After I welded the whole thing together and onto the crankshaft, I turned it over and welded about 200 pounds of scrap steel I had laying around to the bottom end of the crankshaft.  THEN, I dug a hole and buried it in concrete.

Needless to say, it hasn't gotten dented in over 30 years.

Oh, yes - I got approval from the Post Office.  All they needed was for it to have a lid that hinged from the top and be a certain height from the road.